I offer you the opportunity to keep more of the fruits of your labor.

The Best Commission Splits in the industry with No Hidden Fees
A career at Blue Rock Commercial Real Estate gives you the opportunity to serve your clients needs.

  • We serve our clients needs FIRST. They give us the opportunity to succeed.

  • Local ownership & Decision Making

  • Company culture that fosters a “Family Environment”

  • The Best Splits in the industry with No Hidden Fees

We teach you what to do and how to do it. Only suitable for a self starter that is intent upon earning a great living while serving their clients interests first.

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You start out each year with an office expense of $35,000. Your commissions will be split with the Brokerage equally until your gross commission reach $50,000. After that, the split improves to 80/20 until gross commissions reach $250,000. Above that point you stay at a 90/10 split.
To make it even sweater, you apply the brokers side of the split above the office expense to the following years office expense.
I publish the rates because I want the very best people in the industry to work along side of me.

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