Our Process – Effort; it’s hard work, but it works

The process starts with a confidential understanding of your goals and capabilities. This document is meant to help you understand what is possible and for me to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

From that information a Blind Offering Memorandum is written. This is meant to feature your strengths and while it is always accurate, it’s meant to feature your strengths, and maintain your confidentiality.

From the Blind Offering Document a large database of the most likely and best targets (tenants, Buyers, Sellers or Landlords) is created.  Then we proactively, contact the list (sometimes hundreds of possible tenants) this approach creates the activity that is necessary to get you the best deal.  It is important to point out that this is exactly the biggest differentiator between Blue Rock and every other Brokerage.

Our Approach

  • Experience, Market Knowledge & Relationships

    By leveraging our unrivaled combination of investment sales and leasing experience we are able to better comprehend the shopping center and retail properties we sell. By leveraging our outstanding leasing experience we better understand the tenants and the market and thus can more effectively promote the property.
  • National Marketing & Advertising Campaign

    Blue Rock CRE utilizes a national database and advertising campaign which drives traffic to our website www.RockCRE.com which receives thousands of hits every month. Our thorough advertising and marketing campaign draws local, regional, national and international buyers. Our comprehensive marketing and advertising strategy exposes our properties to millions of potential buyers through various media channels including on-line, newspaper, magazine, and social media channels.
  • Outside Broker Cooperation

    We openly cooperating with the brokerage community and promote the sharing of our brokerage fees. This cooperative approach results in more offers and higher prices for our clients.
  • Valuation Expertise

    Blue Rock CRE’s Investment team possesses superior valuation expertise and knowledge. We are called upon frequently by lending institutions, appraisers and owners to provide our expert property valuation and strategy assistance.
    By better understanding the financial components of the properties we are selling we are better able to achieve full and maximum value for the clients we represent.  We can provide extensive comparables and market intelligence to correctly determine a property’s current market value prior to taking it to market and, once it is on the market, our expert valuation ability allows us to support the pricing and deliver maximum price to our sellers.
  • Superior Product Knowledge

     We make it a point to immerse ourselves in every component of
    the properties we sell so that we can more effectively present the asset to the buyer marketplace. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of each property; we build our case around the strengths and anticipate buyers’ concerns ahead of time. While others may leave things to happenstance; we intelligently promote our property strength’s and are prepared to effectively address any weaknesses. Be Sociable, Share!